Trevor Yeung’s Encyclopaedia

I could be a good boyfriend
2013 (modified form 2011)
Dionaea muscipula "G16 Slack's giant", Body fluid, Butterflies, Distilled and Spring water, Laboratory equipments

Piranha Department
Red-bellied Piranha, Peanuts, 21mins loop video, C-print, Chairs

Pineapple Universe
Billbergia saundersii, Purple lightbulb, C-print

Let me tuck you in, my Chico
Peach-face lovebird's feather, Cage

This exhibition does not attempt to elaborate scientific or cultural knowledge about the plants or creatures on display. It does not really speak about life forms in terms of their biological classification, living conditions, instructions for care or symbolic cultural significance. Instead the presentation stages a situation that offers the audience visual metaphors about the development of human relationships, in which psychological impulses are heightened.

31 August 2013 - 19 October 2013
Observation Society
No.8, Road 1 Suihua Xincun, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 3pm-7pm. Or by appointment.