The Darkroom That is Not Dark

Magician Space, Beijing, 2016

This exhibition unfolds by evoking a milieu of transient and darkened private spaces typically found within public environments. Rooms have been dimmed down, looking to heighten a psychic moment of obscurity – a feeling often felt in enclosures of removed intimacy and when a change occurs in the transition going from one persona into another. Like the seclusion of a photographic room where images appear in the dark; the enclave with a shadow that lurks inside an aquarium; or the hidden room where things considered taboo or suppressed emerge out of their anonymity. There is a dark, secret side to each person’s heart, which harbours deep feelings that cannot always be discussed. What happens if these spaces are no longer in the dark?

Dark Sun
Infrared heat lamp, and red coated basking spot lamp

The Locker Room
Locker set, mirror, and hangers


Soft and Milky but don't smell it (triptych painting)
Oil on Canvas

Printed T-shirt


Pigeon Wings (Seven Roses)
Synthetic white rose, porcelain vase, porcelain bead, and neroli water

Artist Studio Party 
Image projection